Introducing Same-Page Parenting!

The online course designed to help you and your Spouse to clear the slate, regroup, and get on the same page in raising kids.

What are the barriers to parenting on the same-page?

There are loads! For one thing, you both are individual people coming with your own value system, own family experiences, different skills and attributes and sometimes being too similar can be a barrier too!

What do you need to do this course?

One of the trickiest things to getting on the same page means that you need to actually sit down and talk - child-free!

This course is designed around 8 date nights. Each date-night involves topics of discussion, exploring some of those barriers listed above. Yes, this can be a challenge, though it’s a necessity. Invest in a babysitter, swap babysitting with another couple so they get their alone time too, or get firm with bedtime boundaries so you have time to talk. Whatever will work for you and your Spouse - though, without your time to connect, this course won’t help you.

So how will this course help you and your family?

Not only will you be more connected with your Spouse than ever before, being on the same page will mean less conflict in the house, but your children will also know your boundaries are firm and secure. Family time won’t be a chore, instead, it will be something that you look forward to with great anticipation!

Most importantly, you will raise your family holding values as the basis for every decision, raising strong and resilient children into adults to go on to raise their own healthy, thriving family.

This is a big one! How tight do I need to buckle my belt? I.e. What’s the cost?!

For a limited time only, this course is available for $249

Eek! That’s not budget friendly!

Or is it?

How much would you invest in an 8-week program that will transform your life and the lives of your loved ones?

How long can you drudge along family life waiting for those heart-melting moments you hear about?

How much more time can you spend in a tense marriage?

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes!

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