Great news - you’re in the right place!

Step on in out of the mess and clutter of life, grab a cuppa or your favourite chocolate, take a deep breath and chill.

When you’re busy trying to juggle paying the bills and putting food on the table versus having that quality family time together with the hubby and kids, it’s easy to get lost in the fold (not the folded washing, that’s just a myth right?!)

We can’t make more hours in the day - we only have 24 to work with and no, you can’t skimp on the sleep!

So how do you balance keeping everything going without feeling like you’re floundering alone?

I’m a big supporter of work smarter, not harder and the same goes with your family life.

Hey there!! I’m Jess, Counsellor and Family Coach here to help you have that family life you dreamed of in the real world. You know, that place where time and finances are already tight?

Want to know more about how you can have this real-life dream family?

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“Nothing changes if nothing changes” - Intentional Families

We can’t wait for life to change if we don’t take action. Putting little steps into place can help transform a hectic, disconnected family life into a calm, carefree, and connected family unit where loneliness is a thing of the past.

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