Is coaching for us?

How do you help?
I help families to regroup when life takes over. Exploring practical and time-effective strategies to help the house run smoother and relationships more enjoyable.

Will coaching help us?
Coaching will help as far as the effort you are able to put in. Nothing changes if nothing changes, by putting the various techniques and strategies in place we can work together to rule out the various causes that may be increasing the stresses in the family.
There is the possibility that the stresses are caused by a deeper issue, which appropriate referrals will be made to make sure change happens regardless.

What if I can't get my partner kids etc to come?
There are some strategies that can be used to see an improvement, though this may also indicate that deeper issues might need addressing. Depending on the situation, we will be able to work out the next step to see peace come to the chaos.

How is coaching better than reading the internet?
There is a lot of fantastic information out there, chances are you’ve tried a lot of it already. The challenge is knowing if you are applying the best information in the correct way or if that information is relevant to your situation in the first place. There is no point in wasting precious time, energy, and emotions trying to fix a problem with the wrong solution, however true the information may be. Having someone to guide and walk with you on the journey from a different vantage point can be the difference between making or breaking the family.

What influences do you draw on?
I come from an eclectic approach based on science and practical research. Some of my key influencers come from The Gottman Institute, Prepare-Enrich, Newborn Mothers, and Bowen Systems Theory. From a personal perspective, I am a practising Christian who holds family in high regard, though also respecting the personal faiths and beliefs of others. There is no preaching involved at all. Prayer will only be offered on request.

I already get advice from my family and friends - what else can you offer?
The advice from friends and family often comes from a genuine place. They know you and they care. Unfortunately when we are personally invested in the situation we can be blinded from the whole picture. It can also be a challenge if our family or friends don’t like our spouse or the decisions we make, so their advice may not be helpful.
Having someone of a neutral, professional perspective can help reveal hidden areas in our lives that are holding us back.

We don't have any problems - would coaching make a difference?
That’s wonderful news! All the better to take on coaching now.
Families are a living thing - issues may arise in the future that could put pressure on the family. Having strategies in place to address the big stuff before it becomes an issue means you can nip things in the bud before they get really hard.
As a counsellor, I have seen couples married for 30+ years come to an end because all the little issues built up over time. Getting help for the little, seemingly insignificant things early can be the difference between an enjoyable 30+ years of marriage or a miserable 30+ years.

What's the difference between coaching and counselling?

Great question! Coaching actually is an offshoot of counselling. Counselling goes much deeper into the background of the presenting issues, addressing the causes and working long-term with couples and individuals to see a change.
Coaching involves addressing past issues to work out the best way forward, though for issues that don’t have deep wounds that need healing. It is focussed more on re-orienting ourselves onto the best direction, with some maintenance check-ins and of course someone to celebrate and cheer you on as you succeed.

What’s the process?

How long is a session and what is the cost?
Sessions go for 1 hour, though can be organised for a longer session depending on availability and needs. Sessions are charged by the hour at $100AUD. Please check with your local bank for accurate cost conversions depending on what country you are from.

How do we meet?
Sessions are held via Zoom. If you haven’t used Zoom before, let me know when you contact me for booking and I can talk you through the process of installing the app. Zoom is my preferred choice of app to allow for face-to-face meetings as it is an encrypted application ensuring your digital privacy.

Are my/our sessions private?
Privacy is key to earning your trust. Confidentiality is incredibly important for getting you lasting results. Confidentiality however is not secret keeping. If it becomes clear during our sessions that there is a risk of harm to yourself or someone else, I will need to let the appropriate/relevant professionals.
For the sake of getting you real results, in the situation where a spouse/partner is engaged in an affair, then we will not be able to continue the arrangement until the affair has been ended and the remaining spouse/partner has been informed of the affair.

How long will it take for results?
For some, the results can be experienced within the first week if the techniques and strategies are used correctly. Though this will vary depending the circumstances and the resources you are able to invest in (time, energy, and emotions).

What can I expect from coaching sessions?
You can expect to receive respect for you and the family, down-to-earth strategies, professional approach, and personal autonomy to act on the information suggested.
Through this approach, you can own the results you receive and enjoy the new-found freedom.

What will we go through?
In our coaching sessions we will be looking briefly at your family of origin as well as your spouse’s/partner’s family of origin. Additionally we will also explore your values and the hopes you have for the future to turn them into achievable goals.

Will I have time for an online course?
The online course will have no end date, so there is no rush. However to receive the best results it is advisable to apply the materials as directed. I’m a busy wife, mum, business owner, etc as well, I appreciate that when there is too much to do, priorities shift. Rest-assured that the course has been designed with you in mind. Each activity will be easy to implement and can be used without any extra finance required (though of course if you want to splash out on the date-nights, I won’t be there to stop you!).

How many sessions do we need to come to?
This will vary depending on the circumstances, though generally no more than 5 sessions.

Can we refer ourselves?
Most definitely!


Can I pay in installments?
If installments are required, please contact me here to arrange personally.

Can I buy a gift voucher?
Gift vouchers are a lovely way you can support a young family to set their foundations firm. Please contact me here to organise a personalised gift voucher.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately refunds are not provided for change of mind or circumstances. However in the situation where I am not able to provide the services as arranged, a partial or full refund can be arranged.

Can I claim through my health insurance?
Sadly this is not available at this time.

Is it worth the cost?
Money is pretty tight these days, I get that. It’s important to be sure that what you choose to invest your money in is actually going to help your family. I’m not about gimmicks, latest fads, or merely positive thinking. I’m about real solutions for real people in real situations. So that you can feel rest assured of your investment, I’d love to offer a free 20-minute, no obligation chat via Zoom to explore your situation personally. Contact me here to organise a time.

Still, have questions? Shoot them through to me here to personally explore them!